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Shenzhen DeLin Communication Technology Co Ltd formerly Shenzhen Universe Communication Tech Limited is located in the beautiful coastal city Shenzhen Shenzhen is the leader of Chinese electronic technology is also the world s electronic technology bridge It has a unique geographical location and innovative spirit DeLin Communication parent company is Gaoke Zhong Shi Telecommunication Technology Co Ltd which is established in 1993 is a professional high tech enterprise which engaged in wireless mobile communications and satellite communication products development production and sales We have a group of pioneering creative and experienced management personnel more than 200 staffs and 20 of...

Categories and Products

Antenna Series

Multifunctional Combined Antenna

Car Accessory GPS Antenna Screw GPS Antenna GPS & Glonass Antenna Magnetic Mounting Antenna High Performance Vehicle TV GPS Antenna with Fakara High Quality GPS Active Antenna GPS&Glonass Antenna with SMA Male Right Angle 125mm Black GMOUSE External Antenna with 4pin 140mm High gain Vehicle GMOUSE External Antenna 325mm GMOUSE Antenna with 3m Sticker GPS&GLONASS Internal Antenna with SMA 110g Black GPS&GLONASS External Antenna with FAKRA 363mm Vehicle External Antenna with 4pin Free Sample 1575.42 MHz GPS Tracker GPS Antenna 200mm 4pin GMOUSE External Antenna with Magnetic Low Noise GPS Antenna with 3M Sticker GPS&GLONASS Combined Internal Antenna with SMA GPS Tracker Accseeory Magnetic GPS Antenna GPS /Glonass Active Antenna GPS Car Antenna GPS&BeiDou Combination Dual Band Antenna Circular External Damp Proof GPS Car Antenna 200mm GPS&GLONASS Internal Active Antenna with IPEX 

GPS/GSM Combined Antenna

Multifunction Antenna GPS & GSM Combined Antenna GSM Antenna Flat Car Antenna 900/1800MHz CDMA Antenna GPRS GSM Patch Antenna Competitive GPS/GSM Combination Car Antenna High Flexible GSM External Antenna with SMA/BNC High gain GSM External Mobile Antenna 30*30*11.5mm GPS Small External Antenna 1.5m GPS&GSM External Combined External Antenna with SMA GSM Rod Antenna High Quality Rod Antenna High Quanlity GPS&BD2 Circular External Antenna With 0.69m GPS&DLONASS External Antenna for RG-174 with FAKRA Built-in GSM PCB Antenna with Ufl Connector High Gain Antenna WiFi Internal PCB Antenna GSM FPC Antenna/3m Adhesive GSM Built-in FPC Antenna GSM Flat Antenna High Quality High Quality Antenna GPS/GSM Combined Antenna External Antenna High Gain Black GPS&BD External Antenna 5m Large GPS&GLONASS External Antenna For FAKRA GSM Internal Ceramic Antenna with IPEX GPS/GSM Combined Antenna for Car 

GPS/4G/WIFI Combined Antenna

Portable Flat wifi Antenna with MMCX 50mm Black 4G The Bullet Type Rod Antenna 200mm 4pin GMOUSE External Antenna 1.4G High Gain Sucker Antenna WIFI External Flat Antenna with SMA GPS External Antenna with MCX 5m black GPS External Antenna with FAKRA 3m GPS External Antenna with SMA 3m GPS&GLONASS External Antenna with FAKRA 70mm PCB WIFI Internal Antenna No Connector 1m 2.4G WIFI External Antenna with SMA Large GPS External Antenna with SMA Free sample high dbi wifi rubber duck antenna 3dBi 2.4GHz 5GHz Dual Band WiFi RP-SMA antennas External 4G Antenna with Magnet Mounting 1.2m GPS&BD2 External Antenna with MCX 3m Black GPS&BD2 External Antenna with FAKRA 3m and Black 4G Commuinication Scuker Antenna WIFI Commuinication Sucker Antenna with SMA GPS&AM Shark Fin Car Outdoor Antenna 

GPS Timing Antenna

The mushroom hairstyle BD&GPS timing antenna GPS&BeiDou Mushroom Head Timing Antenna with BNC 1.5m GPS Small External Antenna with FAKRA 5m black GPS External Antenna for magnetic Outdoor Receving GPS External Antenna GPS External receiving antenna Position antenna External GPS navigate tracking antenna External Mushroom Head Timing Antenna GPS satellite positioning navigator antenna 

GSM/3G/4G Wideband Antenna

GSM 3G 4G Wideband Antenna 50mm PCB 3G Internal Antenna with IPEX 3G Circular External Antenna with FAKRA 2.0dB 4G collapsible rod antenna with SMA 50W Black GSM Flat Antenna with SMA SMA Connector 4G External Circular Antenna 28*85mm and Black 4G Sucker Antenna with Magnetic 3G Communication Antenna High gainAntenna High Quality Antenna 3G Internal Antenna 3G PCB Antenna High Quality Antenna (middle line) High Quality GSM Antenna 4G Rod Antenna High Quality Rod Antenna 4G Collapsible Rod Antenna High Quality Antenna High Gain GSM Communication Antenna with Magnetic 28*110mm Black GSM External Sucker Antenna High Quality GSM/3G/4G Rubber Wideband Antenna 3G Collapsible Rod Antenna High Quality Antenna 4G Flat Antenna High Quality Antenna GSM High Gain External sucker antenna 85mm Black External GSM Sucker antenna 

Bluetooth Antenna

PCB WIFI/Bluetooth Internal Antenna with PCB Internal bluetooth connected antenna for PCB 

433MHz Antenna

High quality 433MHZ Sucker Antenna Wireless RF Transceiver Antenna 433Mhz 5dbi SMA High quality low price 433 mhz antenna 433 MHz spring antenna with SMA Connector 433MHz Rod Antenna High Gain Rod Antenna Customized Connector 433 MHz Flat Antenna 433MHz antenna for home alarm system 433MHz SMA Omni directional Antenna Black Color 

915MHz Antenna

915mhz SMA Male Connector Antenna 5dbi Gain 915MHz 5dBi Omni Antenna with SMA GSM Antenna 915Mhz SMA for Ham radio Caremic 915 MHz Antenna with IPEX Connector High quality trustworthy GSM 915Mhz antenna 

Digital TV Antenna

High gain Car GPS+GSM shark fin antenna High Gain 174-230MHz Wireless Sucker TV Antenna High Quality VHF/UHF DVB-T Antenna/Magnetic TV Antenna Multifunctional Shark Fin Antenna GPS&AM/FM&WIFI Antenna GPS+GSM+WIFI combo Antenna shark fin car antenna High Quality Horn Car Wireless TV Antenna 1.4G Chuck Antenna High Quality Digital Television Antenna Customized Connector car gps dvb-t shark fin antenna Shark Fin Antenna GPS External Car-Carrying Antenna Shark Fin Antenna GPS External Antenna High Quality Digital DVB-T Antenna/Magnetic TV Antenna High Gain Digital TV Antenna with T-type High Quality Digital TV Antenna with T-type T-type Digital TV Antenna with SMA Connector High Qulity Antenna with GPS/AM/FM/4G Antenna High performance Digital TV Antenna with T-type high gain 174-230MHz & 470-862MHz hdtv antenna Car DVB-T Usb Antenna With electronic wire High Gain Shark Fin Antenna GPS&AM/FM&4G&WIFI&2.3G Antenna Car Antenna dvb-t mobile/tv gps antenna 

Radio Antenna

Internal wifi PCB/FPC Antenna for Car Radio Dual-band VHF/UHF Vehicle Radio Antenna with magnetic 2.4~5.8G Rubber Radio Antenna / WIFI antenna Automatic Power Car Antenna With Am/Fm Function Car Radio Antenna AM/FM Sucker type 

FRP Omni Antenna

Dual-band Monopole&Dipole Antenna FRP Omni Antenna gps Omni directional FRP wifi antenna 

Rod Antenna

80mm 1.4G rod Antenna with SMA head 

GPS Antenna

GPS&GLONASS Internal Antenna with SMA head 

Wifi Antenna

2M SMA Head Black WIFI Flat Antenna 

Module Series

Multifunctional Smart Antenna Module

Gnss/GPRS/Bluetooth Module Gnss Module Ls26031 GPS Module Incorporated Into Mini Pcie Card Gnss Smart Antenna Module with Mtk Mt333 Chip GPS Smart Antenna Module/USB, 9600BPS, 30X30mm Embedded Patch Antenna GPS Smart Antenna Module Gnss Module with SMT Gnss Mode 4G Built-in Antenna with SMA straight male head WIFI Built-in FPC Antenna with IPEX WIFI FPC Internal Antenna with Line 210mm 4G Built-in PCB Antenna with IPEX GSM PCB Internal Antenna with IPEX GPS External Antenna with FAKRA Head WIFI PCB Built- in Antenna with IPEX WIFI Built-in PCB Antenna with RF1.13 GSM Built-in PCB Antenna with RF1.13&Line 150mm GSM FPC Built-in Antenna with IPEX Head GPS&GLONASS Antenna with SMA 3M Complete Standalone Gnss Module Superior Sensitivity Module Gnss Modules for Laptop with GPS Function GPS&Beidou Engine Module Antenna 

Multifunctional Module

Controller NFC Module with Antenna Mini 4G PCIE Module for Southeast Asia 4G Mini Module for Europe Integrated Antenna NFC Controller Module NFC Controller Module with Antenna NFC Control Unit Module Loop Antenna USB2.0 Interface Contactless Reader Module NFC PC/SC Contactless Reader Module NFC Controller Module with Integrated Antenna 

GPS Smart Wear

4G LTE Wireless Mobile Hotspot Router Multiple Colour Miniature Wear GPS Tracker 4G&WIFI wireless data transmission device(Overseas Edition) 40*12mm Miniature GPS Tracker with USB charging Black 46X36X16mm Elderly GPS Watch 500mAh Fashion GPS Positioning Watches 46x36x16mm 3G Smart GPS Touch screen watches GPS Smart Watch for Kids 3G Touch Screen Wrist Watch Gps Tracking Device Blood Pressure&Step Count Calories Bracelet GPS& 3G& GSM Smart Watch 3G/GSM Sapphire Screen SMart Watch NFC Heart Rate Sport Bracelet Heart rate&Blood pressure smart watch GPS Sport Professional Smart Watch Blood pressure touch type bracelet D-watch Sporty healthy smart watch GSM Sporty Healthy Smart Watch GPS waterproof Heart rate Smart Watches 3G&GSM Voice Monitor Smart Watch 

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