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Precautions for using GPS antennas


1. GPS can't be 100% positioned, let alone believing in the insaneness of indoor positioning - GPS is not like mobile broadcasting. It can receive signals everywhere, and many things will affect the GPS reception, including the distribution of sky stars, buildings, viaducts, radio waves, and leaves. There are too many things that will affect the paper, such as the grid paper. In general, looking up from the GPS position, you can see the area of the sky, which is the area where the GPS can receive the signal.

2. Do not use one or two or one or two days to decide whether or not GPS is good or bad. As the state of the satellites in the sky varies from day to day, perhaps the same place, full morning reception, but unable to locate at night, it is possible, it is possible. For a few days, the positioning status is not good.

3. Comparing the quality of GPS must be compared with the same place at the same time - a lot of people buy new GPS, will say, I used the previous one is better and the like, but to say so, not seen correctly, because of the use of time and place, and finally The result is a lot worse. It must be used for a long time or at the same time to feel the difference between the two GPS.

4. GPS reception strength table, already insufficient as a GPS purchase reference - we buy GPS, will only look at the electronic map in the receiving list, may be quite accurate before, but now GPS, in order to let the receiving table look It looks good, so there are false signals, or simulated signals, etc. The reception form is really beautiful, but it may not be accurate or even display correctly.

5. There is no so-called indoor positioning of GPS - basically there is no signal in the room, there is no signal, real indoor positioning, starting from the coldstart in the room, but the same positioning, is the real indoor positioning, but basically no significance in indoor positioning Because I will not navigate at home.

6. Buy GPS, you do not need to choose the brand for the purchase, but you can choose to use the chip internally - basically, do a lot of GPS manufacturers, choose the manufacturer only consider after-sales service only, not the big factory to receive the news will be the best, generally Said that the same chip GPS, different manufacturers to do, the effect will not be much different, so choose GPS not choose the factory card, you can choose GPS receiver chip.

7. In the end do I have to use Bluetooth, CF GPS, or GPSmouse? - In general, this is a matter of opinion. With Bluetooth or CF, you have to worry about the problem that GPS Sorda will run out of power at any time, and the cost is higher, but you can use it anywhere, anytime. Navigation, using GPSmouse is a good news and good news, do not have to worry about power problems, but the wired trouble.

8. Inaccurate positioning is not necessarily the fault of the GPS - Basically, the positioning error can be within 20 meters, which is considered a good GPS. In addition, the GPS location is not very accurate on the road. The reason may be many, may be bad, resulting in The error may be due to problems with the map data, or it may be because the road is very wide, so it seems that the GPS seems to stably offset the road. After a long time, you will know whether it is a problem of GPS or map.

9. Purchase GPS, specification table is for reference only-GPS specification what to do within a few seconds to complete the positioning, what is the error of several meters, sensitivity and other information, these are written well, to really use to know, really, compare specifications Table is a waste of time.

10. Use GPS, do not charge communication fees - although everyone knows, but some people still think that they have to pay another monthly fee.

11. When the store owner says that xxxGPS is not good, don't trust it too much - it may be that the store does not sell, or that there is more inventory of other items. It is recommended that you buy another GPS.

12. GPS can be placed in the car to put the car - in addition to an external antenna, such as GPSmouse this type of thing, can put the car inside the car, because GPS although waterproof, but long-term on the outside, it is inevitable there will be hanging points At the time of getting on and off the train, you have to collect it, put it on the outside, and put it on the outside, but it will be taken away. It is recommended that you carefully select the hot tissue or cut a hole in the hot tissue paper. It will be ugly.

13. If the GPS is new for the first time, or is already cold start state, please go to the empty spot at the fixed point for positioning outside the car - so that the positioning speed is faster, and there will be no strange phenomenon, if cold start In the state of direct access, even if the signals are strong, it may not be possible to reach the destination!! This is very important. After positioning, put it in the car and see if the car reception will be worse. In addition, the longer a single GPS is used, the longer it takes to save satellite data. If it is not used for a long period of time, such as one or two weeks, GPS may recover to cold start. The above is for those who just came into contact with satellite navigation. I hope that with these psychological preparations, I will not feel that satellite navigation is not easy to use. Basically, as long as I can reach my destination, satellite navigation is a very good thing for you. As for whether there is more time-saving or not, the distance is not too short. Don't ask for too much. Basically, you can go to a strange place. As long as you can get to the place, maybe there will be some ridiculous planning in the journey. Take some roads, but over time, you will understand the characteristics of current satellite navigation, and it will not be so unpleasant to use.
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